"Are you a man or a boy?"

Last time in Jenn’s Apartment:

The Mystery Machine came together after Pelor’s shrine armed not with a weapon of Pelor but another unique looking dagger. They stopped in Peralta, collecting their belongings and popping into the Orc encampment to just say Hi. Afterwards, they headed Eastward, making it to Tayganport after a small digression and loss of life.

Ioan was mobbed and saved by Jamie while in Peralta, through a series of unfortunate costume changes he found himself fooling nobody in the upper-level tavern ‘The Urchin’, drawing the eye of a seemingly notorious woman referred to as “Wellsalt”.

Almarea saved the day by slaughtering every encountered threat, except the theoretical one posted by Vrograg and company back in the camp.

Sariel dropped the ball twice, by dying in the woods and then only raising four copper while busking. Only she can tell you which was a bigger embarrassment.

Khan got to see her family, protect Almarea from grubby orcs, and pick a fight in Tayganport. Her tourist status was short lived as she was knocked unconscious and taken elsewhere.

Until next time, Godspeed.

*Game Quote: *
Wellsalt: “Well, are you a man or a boy?”
Ioan: “…I’m Ioan Xavier.”

Vrograg Zalid, Encampment outside Peralta
Cecily Wellsalt, Tayganport (Excluding: Khan)


I am hoping to create a document about races regarding their culture, rituals and practices, especially considering we are now starting to explore the world around us and meet other people. This information will be a general known knowledge, but you’ll have to self police about what your character would realistically know.

Arakhan Zalid will be undergoing a character background overhaul because of my own decision (I dislike the plot I originally had and felt it was weak compared to the other three’s backgrounds). This will not impact anyone but Khan. When it is confirmed, I will update everyone with what is now invalid information and what they should know.



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