Ioan Xavier

Human - Lawful Good - Prince


Class and Level: Paladin Level 2
EXP: 1800
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 21
Race: Male Human

Hair: Chocolate brown with blonde highlights, always toussled
Eyes: Amber
Skin: Fair

Tattoos/Piercings/Birthmarks: None


  • Strength: 11
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Constitution: 9
  • Intellect: 13
  • Wisdom: 14
  • Charisma: 13
  • HP: 12
  • AC: 19
  • Speed: 20 feet
  • Fortitude: 3
  • Reflex: 2
  • Will: 3


  • *Weapon Focus: Longsword
  • *Improved Initiative


  • Level 1: Aura of Good / Detect Evil / Smite Evil
  • Level 2: Divine Grace / Lay on Hands


  • Appraise: 1
  • Balance: -5
  • Bluff: 1
  • Climb: -3
  • Disguise: 1
  • Escape Artist: -5
  • Forgery: 1
  • Gather Information: 1
  • Hide: -5
  • Intimidate: 1
  • Listen: 5
  • Jump: -5
  • Move Silently: -5
  • Search: 3
  • Spot: 5
  • Swim: -10
  • Survival: 2
  • Use Rope: 1


  • Concentration: -1
  • Diplomacy: 5
  • Handle Animal: 1
  • Heal: 6
  • Knowledge (Nobility): 3
  • Knowledge (Geography): 3
  • Knowledge (Religion): 1
  • Ride: 5
  • Sense Motive: 3


  • Long Sword / AB: 1 / 1d8 / 19-20-x2 / slashing / one-handed
  • Shortbow / 1d6 / x3 / Range 60 / piercing / Amm: 39
  • Dark Elf Sword


  • Pelor Armor / AC Bonus: 5 / Max Dex: 2 / Check Penalty: -5 / Speed: 20 / Weight: 30lb
  • Xavier Shield / AC Bonus: 3 / Check Penalty: -2 / Weight: 10lb / Special Properties: Jaime’s Shield

Vitality Serums x2 / Book of Pelor / Elderin Map / Balthazar’s Pendant / backpack w/ water / bedroll / sack / flint and steel / hooded lantern / pints of oil x3 food rations x2 / parchment x5 / quill / quiver / brown cloak / Kingsguard Cloak


Family & Associations

Mother: Queen Magdalena (Pavos) Xavier
Father: James Xavier IV
Siblings: James V, Cassandra
Significant Family: Unknown

Love Interests: Unknown
Rivals: Unknown

Alliances: Unknown

Aliases: The Sun Child

Birthplace: Peralta
Titles: Prince Ioan of Peralta, First of his Name, Third in Line to the Throne, The Unscathed
Deity/Religion: Acolyte of Pelor
Languages: Common


Born to King James IV and Queen Magdalena, Ioan is third in line to the Elderin throne, behind his older siblings, Prince James V and Princess Cassandra. He arrived into this world with the temperament of a fighter, crying and grasping at the world around him. His parents initially gasped at the sight of him, for Ioan possessed a most striking feature, eyes so amber that it rivaled the color of the sun. It was then that the King and Queen knew he was destined for glorious purpose. Believing him to be divinely blessed by Pelor, the Sun God, Peralta holds a city-wide annual celebration on his birthday to praise Pelor and honor the “Sun Child”.
As a child, Ioan’s play was bold, courageous, and imaginative, and he would never be seen without his child-size wooden shield and longsword. No parts of the castle were left out on his quests to defeat monsters, dragons, and save fair maidens. At age 7, his siblings were finally spared of Ioan’s excessive adventures when Almárëa arrived to the castle. The new, half-elf ward of his father often acted as Ioan’s playmate and long sought-out damsel-in-distress, that is, until she demonstrated that she could save herself just fine.

Ioan was finally allowed to take his vows as a Paladin and begin training at age 13. Wary of sending the young noble outside of the castle walls, King James called upon Sir Helios, a retired paladin, to train him within the capital. Shortly after his training begun, Almárëa left to begin her own training as a ranger, and would not return for another four years.

Ioan kept his childhood tradition alive by choosing a longsword as his weapon of choice, though he was trained to be proficient in a variety of weapons, as well as armor. Throughout his training, he became known as Ioan the Unscathed, for his defensive combat style has allowed him to not receive a single scar on his body. He is always prepared, and never fights without being fully armored.

Ioan’s area of improvement lies mostly within his spellcasting, as he knows the most basic of spells, but is confident he will learn them in time. With the gods’ blessing, Ioan is a natural-born leader, and can keep his allies calm and free from fear.
Ioan is a devout follower to his Paladin code, but that doesn’t mean he forbids himself to have fun. He’s confident in himself with a sense of humor. Most believe the goody-too-shoes paladin would abstain from pleasures such as alcohol, but since he’s divinely blessed to be immune to all ailments and diseases, can drink most under the table. He is trustworthy to a fault, and one can always count on him to keep his word.

Ioan Xavier

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