Almárëa Rilynneplith

Half Elf - Chaotic Good - Companion


Class and Level: Ranger Level 2
EXP: 1150
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 24
Race: Female Half-Elf (Wood Elf)

Color: Dark Auburn
Texture: Thick, prone of natural waves
Length: Mid-back
Style: Usually tied in a single braid, or half-up with braids
Eyes: Jade Green
Skin: Fair Skin

Tattoos/Birthmarks: None
Piercings: Single lobe-pierced ears, Dragon-Scale Ear Cuff on left ear

Ability Scores:
Strength: 12
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 10

HP: 13
AC: 14
Fortitude: 3
Reflex: 4
Will: 2

Feats/Special Abilities:
~Level 1: Point Blank Shot / Favored Enemy (Magical Beast) / Track / Wild Empathy
~Level 2: Combat Style (Archery)

Family & Associations
Mother: Mirima Freanithym
Father: Nolan Wagner
Siblings: None
Significant Associations:
Vondre Rilynneplith (Guardian & Seeker of the Wood Elf Clan)
Master Tobias Kyong (Ranger-Training Master)
Yosef (Royal Master Librarian)
Love Interests: Unknown
Rivals: Unknown
Alliances: Unknown
Aliases: Deidre
Birthplace: Unknown
Titles: Unknown
Deity/Religion: Corellon Larethian (God of the Elves) & Ehlonna (Goddess of the Woodlands)


Following the death of her mother, “Deidre” grew up and was raised by her Father, the Seeker of the Wood Elves, Vondre Rilynneplith. She was a happy and curious child, spending most of her childhood inventing new games to play with her elvish playmates. She could be competitive, striving to be the best, and sometimes chastised for being stubborn. Her creativity and desire to make and invent led her to make small crafts to give to her beloved guardian and friend, Quynne. Deidre loved nature, and was always said to be in tune with the forest.

But as Deidre approached adolescence, it became apparent that she was not like her peers. The clan began to notice how she grew with a shocking speed, in comparison to the other elf children. As she neared her tenth birthday, her ears had not grown in, the characteristic points absent. Deidre was identified by the clan as a half-elf. None would dare say anything to the Seeker himself, but hands cupped in whispers sadly became normal to Deidre. The elf-playmates that she had as a young child slowly refused to play with her, and she became less outspoken, quieter, trying to adopt a more “elvish” personality.

After reaching her tenth birthday, Vondre the Seeker reached out to King James Xavier. He offered up his daughter to become the King’s Ward, saying that he would take the first step to improve relations between the humans and the Wood Elves. Vondre explained that this alliance could benefit both races, in case of any skirmishes with the Drow Elves. King James agreed to the arrangement, and so Deidre was sent away from her home to the foreign, human city of Peralta. Before leaving, Deidre changed her name from “Deidre” to “Almárëa.” This change usually comes when an elf reaches maturity, but as Vondre offered to her: she would not be an active part of her clan once she matured, so she decided to create her new identity at a younger age.

Upon reaching Peralta, Almárëa’s quiet personality increased. Towards the beginning, she did not speak much, not understanding much of the human royals’ culture. She was assigned to work in the libraries, training to take care of ancient scrolls and texts. When she was not in the library, Almárëa became the youngest prince’s playmate, watching over him while entertaining him. Slowly, Prince Ioan’s playful, imaginative, childish-fervor brought out more and more of her creative, warm personality and they became fast friends.

Six years later, as Prince Ioan began his training as a Paladin, it became clear that Almárëa was not well-suited for the life of a librarian. She was, however, very suited for fighting. After a particular demonstration of skill during one of Prince Ioan’s training sessions, Almárëa was offered a great opportunity by King James: to develop her fighting skills as a ranger. Almárëa agreed, and was once more, sent away. She stayed in the mountains for four years, training under a ranger master, developing her skills in tracking, spells, and weaponry.

As Almárëa turned twenty years of age, reaching adulthood, she returned back to Peralta. King James offered her a position within the Royal Guard. For the last four years, Almárëa has spent her life in service to the Royal Family, specifically assigned to Prince Ioan.

Almárëa Rilynneplith

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