Peralta, Capital and Kingdom

The current King of Elderin, Lord of Peralta and Ruler of the Free Men is James Xavier IV, his wife Queen Magdalena and their daughter Clarissa.

Peralta is the richest, largest city in Elderin easily. Home of the King, it is bustling with trade, arts. culture, music, resources and money. It’s said if you need something you can find it here. With the castle and walls built of pale sandstone, the city itself is beautiful – but not without its blemishes. The western part of the city, before the docks, can be a bit unruly and dangerous to be in. This is likely because it is the furthest district from the military barracks – found South East. Over time, the city has become less militaristic, embracing more arts and culture but also a strong sense of religion. All the denominations have their own quadrants in the North, a decision made by the pious King James, making them a new and slightly unwelcome force in the city. For the past decade, they have been slowly eradicating “negative forces” in the city, pushing a lot of the taverns and whore houses into the western area.

The harbor is by far the pride and joy of Peralta, with its actual castle and the Longreef Keep at a close second. The Castle is rather modest in size for the amount of space the land demands, but grows tall. Its spires are modeled after the TIllar Mountains, with the King’s own quarters in the tallest of them all. An inner wall separates the castle from the city and its inhabitants as a moat was not structurally sound enough for the area.

The architect who developed the designs for the castle, Osgar Barron, drew up the Kingdom but never saw the finished product – having left for the Gerrault Forest a mere 6 years after construction began.

The land that spans from the city walls to the closest river (approximately 10 miles in distance) is filled with agriculture and caravans. Most inhabitants live in the grassy fields outside of the walls, benefiting from moderate climate and fresh clean water.

Significant Places

Peralta Royal Military Barracks

The Siren’s Call Most well known tavern in the harbor area

McCormack’s Goods General Goods Store

Timmons Smithing

Ezels’ Potions, Alchemy and Enchantments One stop shop for all things mystical

Peralta’s Pearl Appraisal and Collector of Fine Goods

Elderin Royal Harbor Headquarters

Baftin Stables Located just outside the wall

Peralta, Capital and Kingdom

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