Eladrin (High Elf) - Chaotic Good - Dancer/Rogue


5’9", 166 lbs, Female High Elf

Light Blonde Hair/Solid Blue Eyes/Radiant Skin

Peircings along the edges of both ears; more along the right ear tip than left
No markings
No visible birthmarks


Peralta’s most famous dancer is also one of the city’s enduring mysteries. Sariel appeared in Peralta when most of our grandparents were still young, quickly rising through the ranks of entertainment to take her place as renowned performer regularly drawing crowds from around Elderin. She has performed in every venue of note, with and without a company, with and without music, and not one performance has failed to dazzle and sparkle the packed audience.

Perhaps it’s this sparkle that blinds anyone who attempts to look deep into Sariel the person. She is one of few Eladrin left in our world, mysterious elves who largely left for the Feywild in the time of memory lost to legend. She celebrates the Eladrin god Corellon in elaborate one-woman celebrations that have, more than once, ended with a night under the watchful eye of the city guard. She flirts and dazzles, but leaves every party and bar with no one on her arm.

Rumor whispers that Sariel has a lover in another city, an adventurer who spends as much time in dungeons as with Sariel. Certainly the glittering baubles Sariel wears on the town would support this, but no one knows anything substantial about the mystery lover. Just as foggy is Sariel’s home and history before she made her way onto the stages of Peralta and into the hearts of its people.

Only one thing is certain about this elf: She basks in the glow of the stagelights and she does not seem in a hurry to leave.

*Sariel and her dancing partners declined to be interviewed for this piece.

Family & Associations

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: None
Significant Family: None

Love Interests: Adventurer from another city; one occasionally visits the other
Rivals: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown
Deity/Religion: Corellon



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