Arakhan Zalid

Half Orc - Chaotic Neutral - Moderate Nobility


6’2", 165lb Female Half-Orc

Black Hair/Light Green Eyes/Pale Green Skin

Tribal piercings on Ears
Missing left breast
War markings on arms and face
No visible birthmarks

Family & Associations

Mother: Tefelmi
Father: Vrograg
Siblings: None
Significant Family: Clan

Love Interests: Unknown
Rivals: Unknown

Alliances: Orcs

Aliases: Daughter of the Red Moon

Birthplace: Jacona Desert
Titles: Sand Serpent
Deity/Religion: Gruumsh and Luthic


The desert was a harsh location for anyone to be born, but that was the home that the gods had chosen for her. Arakhan was born to a Nomad tribe of half-orcs. She was the first and only daughter of the clan chief. He had developed a reputation throughout the Jacona Desert as one of the strongest warriors in the land. His name was Vrograg, a name that was spoken with respect or not spoken at all. He was one of the few Orcs in the land that had united the tribes and brought power and promise to the lands. He was from a long line of pure orcs who had roamed the lands for centuries.

They had fought many wars over the lands, and his bloodline had lived in the desert since before the rivers dried up. His family had a very importance place in the main city of Jacona, Eldrulgran. When he came to the city to trade his wears from his travels, there was a foreign human clan from the continent of Azmar. She was the father of a noble merchant and her name was Tefelmi. She was a women of exquisite beauty and a more trifling intellect. Immediately Vrograg was drawn to her and needed her for his wife. As such, he in a less than traditional human way, courted her by offering her family a dowry of gold and riches that he had gathered with his clan.

The merchant agreed on the trade and sold his daughter to Vrograg. In the beginning of their relationship, the clan was skeptical of his decision to commit himself to a human. Humans were seen as weak, and many questioned his ability to lead. Tefelmi proved herself to be a warrior in her own right. She was an assassin and a rouge, who specialized in duel weapons. She was a kind women and did not kill without a solid reason. She was a defender of peace, and that was something that she and Vrograg often disagreed with. Vrograg was a fighter, who did not take pity on many. He developed his status because of his lack of remorse and being with Tefelmi taught him that strength was not the only form of power that a person could possess. On the night of the red moon, Arakhan was conceived. The orcs believed because of the moon she would be the strongest warrior that the Orcs had ever seen.

On the day she was born it was the hottest day that the Askeri had seen in a very long time. It was seen as a blessing of the goddess Luthic. She was born in a grass hut, on a tribal mat. She was a strong child, born with the soft human features of her mother, the pointed ears of her father, and the pale skin of her tribesman. She was beautiful in the eyes of her parents and fellow tribesman. Like her father, by the time she was able to walk she was using a spear. She trained in both the arts of her father as well as the arts of her mother. She was skilled in bow and arrow, but had a preference for her spear. Her blade was name Urgo and she carried it with her since her father gave it to her on her twelfth birthday.

Arakhan Zalid

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