Campaign Diary 1

Our adventurers are brought together by a series of unlikely events, leading them to their current shelter of the Kingsguard Barracks.

Khan came to the castle to demand support from the kingdom for the drought, and when faced with Prince James, was outraged by his impatient conversation and flipped a table. She continued to later argue with Prince James, eventually conceding to helping Prince James in return for a council and audience with her Father.

Ioan was tasked by Balthazar, his mentor, to begin coming into his right as a prince and a paladin of Pelor, going and fixing the smaller problems to save face while his brother fought the bigger issues including the dwarven war.

Almarea was brought before Tobias in the aftermath of the riot and faced with the bloody consequence of ignored actions, she is assigned the duty of protecting Ioan at all costs and reporting back to the Kingdom, Tobias made it clear that her abandonment of her post would be considered treason.

Sariel found herself in the riots while rehearsing for the impending festivities. When allowed into the building, she found herself wheeling and dealing with Prince James in exchange for a favor – redeemable at any date.

With the pieces aligned, our heroes take a night in the barracks before arming up and stepping out into the big new world out there.



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